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If you’re interested in the different types of retail trailer available for purchase then this is probably the most informative article on the topic you will find. We’re going to showcase the different types of retail trailers for sale.

This mobile retail trailer guide also introduces lots of

  • Background information and benefits to hiring or owning a retail trailer
  • Real life examples of retail trailers for sale (ones we’ve built previously)
  • Variety – We’ll show you photos of all the different types of mobile retail trailers available and give you plenty of options to browse for inspiration for your own project
  • There’s even a section on the different types of interior fit out you can have for your mobile retail trailer

So if you want lots of inspiration for your own mobile retail trailer project and you’re looking for retail trailers for sale you’ll love this guide.

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What are the benefits of a retail trailer?

Businesses with thriving revenue figures are effective at generating sales and awareness. Retail trailers help with achieving that goal and choosing the right location to set your mobile shop up in is a key part of that.

If you take your business mobile there are also no rates or rent to pay, making you more profitable and you can move around to where your customers are ie you could be in a different town every day of the week. Just imagine how much freedom, opportunity and extra revenue that could generate for your business.

The Market for Retail Trailers

So let’s start with the types of event you could take mobile retail trailers to. There are a wide range in the UK. Recently we came across some interesting statistics. 80,000 visitors are expected over the two days of the Royal Cheshire County Show. 130,000 visitors are expected over the 3 days of the great Yorkshire show.

That’s two county shows and the opportunity to reach a huge potential customer base who are primed and ready to buy. Many visitors to these shows are in a purchasing mood and with plenty of show special offers available and lots of new products on offer the chances of converting customers to purchase are high.

There are numerous other county shows and festivals across the UK each year and then there are the business trade shows, which are equally popular amongst those in the business to business community. These events are full of merchandising trailers as lots of businesses recognise the opportunities these events provide.

The BBC cover the resurgence in county shows and the reasons why they are growing in popularity in the following article. More statistics on the UK event industry can be found here.

If you have a retail side to your business or are looking for extra sources of revenue, then all these statistics probably caught your attention. So with the growth in popularity of shows how can you take advantage of the opportunities this presents?

Choosing which events to attend with retail trailers

The obvious place to start is by considering who your target audience is and which events they are likely to be found at.

If you are selling direct to consumers then regional, county shows and trade fairs targeting the general public are ideal.

If you are selling to trade or business customers, then you can focus on the events where your target trade or business audience are visiting.

If you sell to both then a combination of both types of show provides the perfect solution.

Researching the events to find out the most suitable one for your needs is advisable. Visiting the events to assess them for yourself is always a good idea. You can use the visit to gather ideas for engagement as well. Also, pay close attention to your competitors. Which shows do they attend? How do they engage with their customers?

Consider your strategy

If you approach events with a scattergun approach, you may gain little benefit. You need to pull together targets for the events you will attend. Consider whether you want to:

Generate or grow brand/product awareness

Encourage email sign ups and develop your sales funnel

Increase product sales

Increase engagement with your customers via social media/competitions etc

Different types of retail trailers for sale or hire

Tow Master manufacture and hire a range of trailers for a variety of end uses. The different types of retail trailer for sale can be broken down into the following categories:

Walk in shop trailers for sale

If you want your customers to browse, then this type of arrangement is ideal. They can enter your trailer and select from your range of products at their leisure.

Odd Balls and the Western Shop have purchased these styles of trailer.

Over the counter retail trailer for sale

If sales volume is an issue and you will need to serve a large number of customers then an over the counter mobile retail trailer might be more appropriate.

The Escape trailer, Magic weekend and 02 retail trailers showcase this style of mobile retail unit.

Market trailers

From flower trailers to one or four open sided trailers the term ‘market trailers’ is quite broad. A range of options are available depending on your requirements.

Tow Master have built a range of flower trailers and numerous market trailers in completely different styles.

Product sampling trailers

If you would prefer to encourage your customers to taste your products then how about a product sampling trailer?

Brunei halal and Enfield Kitchen and other customers have all used product sampling trailers to great effect.

Catering trailers

Catering trailers have been built in a range of sizes and styles. Depending on customer requirements these trailers can have an empty interior, a partial or a full fit out. In other words we can manufacture whatever mobile retail trailer you require.

Merchandising/Retail Vehicle

Sometimes a vehicle is a better solution for you than a trailer. A vehicle can be fitted out in a similar way to an event trailer. If it’s under 3,500 kg. it can be driven on a standard drivers licence.

This merchandising vehicle was created for Welsh Rugby and it’s just as effective as a merchandising trailer.

Interiors of mobile trailers

From shelving to slat walls the interior of promotional trailers can take many forms.

The Western shop involved a variety of different display areas.

Odd Balls opted for a small storage seating area and grid wall for flexibility.

Welsh Rugby have a combination of slat walls and shelving units inside their vehicle.

Cost of a retail trailer

Budget consideration is an important part of the process. How much does it cost to hire or purchase a trailer?

Hiring is a cost effective alternative to purchasing retail trailers. Effectively you do not need to worry about organising a vehicle and driver as transporting the trailer to events is all taken care of for you. Also there are no insurance, maintenance or servicing costs to consider annually.

Hire costs range from £262 for a three metre trailer on a two day hire up to £823 for a 6 metre trailer on a two day hire.

Optional extras such as a generator, graphics and flagpoles can be added so there are no hidden extras.

Buying retail trailers can involve more upfront investment, or you can take advantage of a business loan to spread the cost of purchasing one of our retail trailers for sale.

Pricing on a 3.6 metre retail trailer starts at £6,780k +VAT. This is for an empty shell, so depending on your requirements you can spec your trailer up to perfectly suit your needs with any interior shelving, storage and seating etc Pricing does vary depending on exact specifications.

Pricing increases to around £20k-£25 +VAT for a 7 metre retail trailer including basic floor covering, counter and slat walling.

Want to know more about the different types of retail trailer for sale or hire?

If you’re interested in viewing more mobile trailers for sale then click here and take a look at our bespoke trailers gallery

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