A Range of Event Trailers For Sale

Tow Master Event trailers provide a safe, secure base which can be the focal point of your planned show, roadshow or event activities. They’re perfect whatever the weather conditions. Our special event trailers for sale give you plenty of options regarding your interior.

Whether you’re planning to attend one event or a series of shows, fairs, festivals, air shows or community events, we can provide plenty of options for suitable event trailers. You can find a Tow Master event trailer at most shows across the UK.

Event trailers for sale from Tow Master come complete with a 12 month back to base warranty for total peace of mind.

Event Trailers from 2.4 – 7 metres

If you’re looking to buy an event trailer then you’ve come to the right place. Our expertise shows in all the trailers we build and our pricing is very competitive.

Tow Master’s special event trailers have been used at a huge variety of shows across the UK. We’ve been manufacturing event trailers for sale for over 20 years and have a range of stylish event trailers for sale in various sizes ranging from 2.4 – 7 metres.

Many of our exhibit trailers have cut set up times for customers and are used around the UK at public events, trade shows, various sized events, as well as at new product launches, promotional events and roadshows.

Our special event trailers can be purchased or hired depending on your preference. You can even hire to see what you think before buying your own. Whichever option you choose, a Tow Master trailer offers great value for money.

The main models of event trailer for sale are as follows:

Nevada – Compact and lightweight, the Nevada may be small but it’s easy to manoeuvre and fast to set up. It looks fabulous and the fully fitted out pricing is excellent value. The wheel box cover can double as a display unit which makes a great focal point for literature and product display.

Colorado – Our mid-range event trailers for sale include our bestselling, stylish and versatile Colorado, which boasts an open frontage with lift up canopy and steps. Inside, space is completely clear allowing plenty of room to customise to your exact requirements.

Oregon – Perfect in any weather conditions, these special event trailers for sale or hire include many options which enhance its universal appeal and include a wind out awning and bifold doors.

California – Large glazed sliding doors glide into a void, providing a wide welcoming opening without interfering with internal display space. A full length, lightweight, external canopy, provides shelter over the opening and the optional platform that is often added to this model. The California provides a spacious customer entertaining space that guarantees you stand out on any show ground, or in any event space.

Bespoke – Ranging from 2.4 – 7 metres, we can manufacture almost anything from a custom made trailer point of view. For example we specialise in public address, ticket office, merchandising and many other types of bespoke event trailers.

What you need to place an initial enquiry

Tow Master work with you collaboratively, to design and manufacture special event trailers that are easy to set up, practical to use, durable and attractive to look at. Our friendly team can talk you through all the various options available to you.

Key things to think about as you start considering your needs include:

Still Researching?

If you’re still researching you can view our gallery of Colorado trailers here, or you can view our blog for more detailed information about the different exhibition trailers for sale that we manufacture here.

If you’re ready to take the next step to buy your own event trailer then email our team or call on 01942 226633 for a free/no obligation chat about your requirements.

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Interested in hiring

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You can get in touch with us to discuss your bespoke event trailer requirements in more detail via email or you can call us on 01942 226633.