Over 19 years of experience in trailer manufacture – Meet the team

Our team works effectively to ensure that our customer satisfaction levels are unrivalled. The hard work, passion and dedication of our team, shows in the high quality of the trailers and vehicles we produce and our attention to customer care. We have been building trailers and exhibition vehicles for over 19 years and are extremely knowledgeable in the design, construction, legalities, practicalities, towing and use of the trailers we manufacture.

We pride ourselves on the number of recommendations we receive from our customers, many will pass on our details when asked about their trailers, speak highly of us and are testament to the quality of the product we build and the service we provide.

Whether you’re looking to hire or purchase, we would be delighted to discuss whatever your requirements are in more detail. Our friendly team are profiled below.

Steve McIlhagga
Steve McIlhaggaManaging Director
Steve is the main point of contact for customers considering purchasing a Tow Master trailer. He’s knowledgeable about every aspect of building and using the trailers Tow Master make and looks after everything from quotations, to order confirmation, through to the final handover of a customer’s trailer. Steve co-founded Tow Master in 2003 with Mick.
Mick Eastham
Mick EasthamTechnical Director
Mick is very knowledgeable about all aspects of designing and building our ever increasing range of trailers and event vehicles. He specialises in using CAD and Solidworks to plan, design and layout every trailer and vehicle Tow Master produce. Mick is an excellent CAD operator and when combined with his decades of trailer knowledge it makes him the perfect designer for any trailer or display project. Mick co-founded Tow Master with Steve in 2003.
Sammy Hire Co-ordinator
If you have a hire enquiry, Sammy is the main point of contact. If you’re after a hire quote, have a query about logistics or would like to book one of our hire trailers Sammy is the person to speak to. As you can probably tell, he’s first out of the door whenever a camera appears, so a picture of Penfold has had to suffice! There are uncanny similarities between the two.
Alexis Eastham
Alexis EasthamHealth, Safety & Transport Manager
Alexis oversees the accounts and the health and safety aspects of our operation. She also manages our transport operations, ensuring our fleet remains legal and compliant at all times.
Karen Furneaux – Beckett
Karen Furneaux – Beckett Marketing Manager
An experienced marketer, copywriter and SEO expert, Karen is responsible for all of our Tow Master marketing activities.
Neil McIlhagga
Neil McIlhaggaProduction Manager
Neil oversees all aspects of production, ensuring trailers, vehicles and all other jobs are built to the required specification and meet our own high quality standards.
Shopfloor Team
From our design to our welding and master craftsmen teams, everyone involved in the manufacture of our trailers on the shop floor ensures they’re built to the highest standards. All of our shop floor team are highly experienced in vehicle and trailer manufacture.