HT008 – 5.5M Oregon

The HT008 Oregon is a popular trailer. It’s one of our large exhibition trailer hire units and it’s suitable for any type of roadshow, event or showground.

This versatile event trailer comes complete with flexible, glazed bifold doors, substantial display wings, distinctive, rigid, lift up canopy, overhead logo board and optional stage/platform. The Oregon creates an imposing, high quality presence for your brand in any location.

Graphics panels can be added to the wings and logo board, ensuring excellent visibility for your promotional messages that can be re-used at future events.

Internally, you benefit from plenty of seating and storage. This trailer also includes a pod containing seating to maximise internal floor space.

Catering facilities on this large exhibition trailer hire unit, include a well-defined galley area with sink, fridge and a serve over counter ensuring customers are entertained in comfort in this 5.5 metre event trailer.

Perfect whatever the weather conditions, our customers tell us time and again that they love the impact and versatility of our Oregon exhibition trailers.

There are two styles of the Oregon 5.5 metre versatile event trailer available for hire, the HT008 and HT010 with pod and the HT007 without pod. The pod provides more internal floor space. Both styles of trailer have glazed bifold doors to the near side, so the trailer is an open and inviting space. When closed, in poor weather conditions customers can still see that you are open for business, maintaining the welcoming feel of the trailer.

Want to see how easy HT008 is to set up? We show you below.

As well as our Oregon 5.5 metre event trailers, we also have 4.2mt and 4.8mt versions available on our hire fleet. Find out more here.

These large exhibition trailer hire units are popular and get booked up fast for many of the UK shows. So, to guarantee you get your first choice of our Oregon 5.5 metre event trailers please book now.

Still Researching?

If you’re still researching you can view our gallery of Oregon trailers here, or you can view our blog for more detailed information about the different exhibition trailers for sale that we manufacture here.

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