Mobile marketing trailers for sale

Mobile marketing trailers are Tow Master’s speciality. We’ve been manufacturing and offering mobile marketing trailers for sale for over 20 years, so we offer experience and longevity combined with a good understanding of how to design and build perfect mobile event trailers.

We manufacture mobile marketing trailers for sale, but if you would like to try out the mobile event trailers concept first, your budget doesn’t stretch to purchasing right now, or you simply don’t want to purchase your own, you can hire from our large fleet of mobile marketing trailers. You can find out more about our hire fleet here.

From 2.4-7 metres in size, we manufacture a wide range of mobile event trailers.

Choose From the Following Models:


Great as a first time tow due to its compact size. If you’re after a smaller size of trailer, the Nevada’s make fabulous, very economical mobile marketing trailers. Available in 2.4, 3 and 3.6 metre sizes they have an open front and wheels inboard in wheel boxes allowing for a lower floor height.


Our mid-range Colorado’s come complete with steps and canopy. This is one of our most popular styles of mobile display trailer and it ranges from 3.6 – 5.5 metres. The inside can be fitted with storage, seating, kitchen, nose cone or all manner of other fixtures and fittings depending on its purpose. They are open at the front with a canopy to provide some protection from the elements.


Bifold doors and a wind out awning are standard features. If you’re interested in purchasing an Oregon mobile display trailer. All of the trailers in the Oregon range can be fitted out in a number of ways to suit your requirements. Sizes range from 3.6 to 7 metres. Slide out pods can be included to increase space. Combining a pod with a stage and nose cone provides even more space.


Our newest style of mobile display trailer, the California, is a larger size of unit which is welcoming and spacious. This design ranges from 4.8 metres – 7 metres in size. Sliding doors open to reveal the interior space without interfering with the external space or internal display area. You can add a pod for even more internal space and this can be stepped or flat to enhance the overall airy and spacious feel of this trailer.


If none of the above mobile display trailers fit your requirements, we can design and build something that does. No request is too outlandish. We’ve built mobile trailers with various end uses in mind and with various internal fit outs. For example we’ve built merchandising trailers, special catering demo units, public address trailers, we’ve fitted cryo-pods and hearing booths into all manner of trailers used as mobile exhibition units.

A collaborative team

The Tow Master team work with you from discussion stage, down to final specification stage in a collaborative way. There are plenty of options to choose from such as wing display panels, electric packs, pods, furniture, flag poles, power supply, canopies, platforms or stages, the list goes on and is added to on a regular basis as we build more mobile trailers to meet customer needs perfectly.

You are welcome to come and visit us, to take a look at our shop floor and see the quality of the marketing trailers we build for yourself, so if these mobile trailers sound like the type of mobile event trailers you are looking for, give us a call to arrange a visit, or to discuss your requirements in more detail on 01942 226633 or email us at

Still Researching?

If you’re still researching you can view our gallery of mobile trailers here, or you can view our blog for more detailed information about the different exhibition trailers for sale that we manufacture here.

If you’re ready to take the next step then email or call our team on 01942 226633 for a free/no obligation chat about your requirements.