Project Description

Alcedo Care purchased a bespoke and tailor-made 4.5 metre motorised display vehicle from Tow Master in July 2022.

The vehicle was purchased as part of Alcedo Care’s growth marketing strategy and will be used to attend various North West events, including shows, job fairs and markets.

Alcedo Care plan to promote their business, grow their brand and raise brand awareness as well as promoting job vacancies and the care packages available from them to the wider market.

As a first time customer of Tow Master’s they found Tow Master online via a web search and were impressed with the quality and choice of products available. Andy Boardman, Managing Director at Alcedo Care said, “From beginning to end the process was well planned and communicated to us by the Tow Master team. We knew exactly what the plans were for the vehicle and the finished product was exactly as planned and agreed to a high specification. It’s perfect for the needs of our business.

The demonstration and handover of the vehicle was also handled superbly and the overall quality of the product and service is 10 out of 10. Even the pricing of the vehicle was competitive and good value. We don’t believe anything could have been improved upon and staff at the Tow Master branch were very informative and assisted us with any enquiry throughout the process.”

When asked what impact the event vehicle has had on Alcedo Care’s company image and brand, Andy says, “We’re now able to promote our brand and increase brand awareness in high volumes at shows and events. The vehicle has allowed us to recruit and promote our services to passing job seekers and customers who may require our services. The vehicle is hard to miss and so far since purchasing it, we have promoted our business to over 100,000 people!”

Andy gives more specifics when asked about the practicalities of using the event vehicle during 2022. “The vehicle is very well planned out and welcoming. The meeting room to the rear has been great for holding interviews and meetings with potential new candidates looking to work with us. We have received positive feedback from almost every event we have been to and from other stall holders who have been asking where we purchased the vehicle and wanted to come on board to take a look. We happily refer them to Tow Master every time.”

The Tow Master team are delighted to hear that the display vehicle has been such a powerful marketing tool for the Alcedo Care team and wish them lots of success with their roadshow plans for 2023 and beyond. You can take a look at the full gallery of images of the Alcedo Care roadshow vehicle here

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