HT002 – 3.6M Colorado

If you’re looking for small exhibition trailer hire then the HT002 Colorado is the ideal trailer. Built to our exacting high standards, the Colorado’s are part of our 3.6 metre exhibition trailer hire range. They are suitable for any type of roadshow, event or showground. Our Colorado exhibition trailer hire units can be set up in minutes by one person. The high quality finish of these trailers, ensures your brand image is displayed to its full potential.

The Colorado HT002 is identical to its sister trailer the HT001, except this trailer is furnished rather than an empty shell. So, whichever you chose, these small exhibition trailer hire units, with large barn doors that open 180° to the body and act as display wings when open, are bound to impress. As with all our trailers this style of 3.6 metre exhibition trailer hire unit is versatile, easy to set up and highly portable.

If you opt to include graphics they can be added to the overhead logo board and display wing panels. The display side of the wings are stored against the trailer in transit, so displays can be left in place without fear of damage.

In addition to the large display wings, the HT002 has an open frontage, seating and storage inside making it the ideal trailer if you want a trailer that is literally all set up and ready to go when you reach your show or event.

Want to see how easy HT002 is to set up? We show you below.

Still Researching?

If you’re still researching you can view our gallery of Colorado trailers here, or you can view our blog for more detailed information about the different exhibition trailers for sale that we manufacture here.

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