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Getting the best exhibition trailer interiors

So often we focus on the exterior of event trailers, it’s the first thing a customer sees on their approach, but once a customer enters, the exhibition trailer interior takes centre stage and it’s an important part of the trailer to get right.

So what’s the best layout to go for and what sort of event trailer interior can you have? The best place to start is with a series of questions…

What will you use the trailer for?

To a large extent, the event trailer interior depends on what you aim to use the trailer for. Trailers and van conversions can be used for:

  1. Exhibitions, roadshows and events
  2. Merchandising
  3. Ticket sales
  4. Meeting or office space
  5. Product and catering demonstrations
  6. Customer entertainment
  7. Public announcement and commentating
  8. Completely bespoke including empty shells, training space and installation of treadmills, cryogenic pods, hearing test equipment, mobile karaoke etc

The possibilities are endless, so it’s worth considering in advance when you could use your trailer. That way you get the full benefit from your investment and an exhibition trailer interior that adapts along with your needs.

What model of event trailer interior fits your needs?

We build trailers in 4 different models, or you can opt for a bespoke version:

Nevada – Ranging from 2.4 metres to 4.2 metres

The Nevada is a smaller trailer, which has a lower floor. It includes a display cabinet with storage on the nearside, coffee tables and storage on the offside, as well as seating.

Colorado – Ranging from 2.4 metres to 7 metres

The Colorado is one of our most popular. It comes with lift up canopy and fold out steps.

Oregon – Ranging from 2.4 metres to 7 metres

The Oregon event trailer interior comes with bifold doors, clip on steps and wind out awning as standard.

California – Ranging from 3.6 metres to 7 metres

The California has sliding doors, which create a minimal, welcoming entrance to this top of the range trailer. An extensive options list will help customise this trailer for almost any purpose.

Bespoke – Ranging from 2.4 to 7 metres in size.

If your requirements don’t fit the above models we can build you a bespoke option no matter what the intended use.

What are the priorities for your mobile trailer?

In some cases it’s immediately obvious. For example a merchandising trailer is focused on product sales. However there are a range of other factors to consider:

  • Do you need to be able to alter the layout?

If you attend a range of events, do you need the exhibition trailer interior to be adaptable eg switching from a merchandising layout to an event trailer interior layout, or from a ticket sales trailer to a merchandising trailer etc

We’ve built trailers for multiple uses. The Wakefield Wildcats trailer was designed to be flexible, so rather than retro fitting it at a later stage, the design process accommodated different end uses.

The Wakefield Wildcats trailer was manufactured to give the owner maximum usage from their investment. It converted from a layout suitable for merchandising on match days to an event trailer interior one, suitable for educating young people during the week.

  • Do you want customers to enter the trailer?

With event trailers, roadshow trailers and exhibition trailers, this is a given, but for ticket sales and merchandising trailers, this needs careful thought.

The Oddballs merchandising trailer allows customers into the trailer.

Some customers would prefer to serve over a counter, for security or safety reasons, keeping customers outside. As with the SSE Hydro and Liverpool Echo merchandising trailers

  • Do you want internal seating for customers and staff?

Shows and events can be lengthy, tiring affairs, so it’s worth considering whether you need built in, or moveable seating fitting into your exhibition trailer interior, at an early stage. You can also opt for internal seating and like many of our customers do, also have external seating areas as well eg some attractive garden seating.

  • How much storage space will you need?

If you need under unit storage space, or under seating storage, this can be built in. If you’re after a merchandising trailer for example, you will need to give serious consideration to how much stock you will need to hold and exactly where you will store it.

  • How much space do you need and how many people do you expect to welcome into your exhibition trailer interior?

Extra space can be created by the inclusion of built in pod’s to extend the event trailer interior space and external stage areas to increase the outside space.

  • What are your audio visual requirements?

TV’s are popular with a lot of customers who want to run their own promotional content.

We can fit most sizes of TV to the wall of the trailers. So if you want a TV fitting, this is the time to add it to your wish list for your event trailer interior.

  • Do you need catering facilities or a simple galley or kitchen?

When exhibiting many companies wish to offer drinks and some simple snacks. So the inclusion of a kitchen area to the exhibition trailer interior becomes an essential requirement.

Once you consider the priorities, you can decide on what’s essential for your own event trailer interior and narrow down your priority list.


To a certain extent this is limited by the size of trailer you require, but weigh up your priorities, for example…

Is seating important to your exhibition trailer interior and if so how much? Some exhibitors don’t like to encourage people to get comfortable, but for others this is essential.

If you need storage how much storage do you need and what type?

Do you need a kitchen area? Would you prefer your kitchen screened off or open?

Would you like a nose cone including? Nose cones can be used to house kitchen cupboards, or for general storage cupboards as well as improving the trailers towing performance and good looks.

Refit & Refurbishment

Whilst it’s sensible to carefully plan out the interior of your trailer in advance, if the time comes for a change, the exhibition trailer interior can be refitted to meet your current requirements.

For Installer, we changed their interior from a vibrant turquoise colour and removed the fitted seating to make room for a coffee station, fridge and additional storage. They used tall stools, cube seats and tables instead.

They managed to get 30 people into the trailer on its most recent tour, so the new layout was obviously a hit.

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In terms of furniture, again there are plenty of options for the colour and finish used. We’ve seen some customers cleverly combine the colour of the upholstery with bold finishes on their furniture to create a striking effect.

Ultimately whatever you require for your trailer, we will collaborate with you to ensure you get an exhibition trailer interior that works for your business.  To discuss any of this in more detail give our team a call on 01942 226633 or email: comments@towmasteruk.com

You can also visit our main blog page https://www.towmasteruk.co.uk/blog/ to read more about all of our bespoke trailers for sale.

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If any of this has inspired you to purchase or hire your own event trailer, or you’re looking for an event trailer for sale that meets your exact requirements, you can give our team a call on 01942 226633 to find out more about what we can manufacture for you or email us. We often have bespoke trailers for sale from stock which may suit your needs perfectly