Why choose a Trailer?

Advantages to choosing an event trailer

As an experienced trailer manufacturer, we’re going to be bringing you plenty of help and advice in coming weeks and months and plan to cover everything from why choose an event trailer, to advice on choosing the right trailer for your needs, to trailer maintenance and advice on how to look after your new trailer, plus many other trailer related subjects.

We also offer event trailer hire, so plenty of our blog topics will explore this subject further.

We’re going back to basics this week and starting with looking at why you would even choose a trailer. If you’re planning a roadshow, event, product sampling roadshow or exhibition schedule for the coming year, or have a requirement for something more bespoke that fits your exact needs, it’s worth considering a trailer as an option for getting your message out to your potential customers.

Advantages of Trailers/ Why choose an event trailer?

  • Eye catching and easily found– by your potential customers in busy settings.
  • Immensely mobile– Their flexibility means they can be moved around the country easily.
  • You can go where the customers are– Setting up in a busy shopping location, or at an event showground is really quick and easy.
  • Fit a variety of uses and locations– Basically anywhere a brand can meet and interact directly with customers.

Provide protection from the elements– It may sound obvious given UK weather, but a tent or awning just doesn’t protect from gales and torrential downpours (Anyone still remember the Cereals 2013 and Plantworx 2015 shows? Because this scenario did happen. Strong winds blew gazebos across the event site and ruined the show for a number of exhibitors.)

  • Choosing a trailer– can prevent an embarrassing situation where customers arrive and you’ve lost your shelter and have soggy brochures etc This can unnecessarily put your team in a very stressful situation, look unprofessional and cause damage to your valuable brand image.
  • Protection for your collateral and equipment– A trailer can be locked, so unlike a tent, or awning, it provides a little security for your marketing collateral and any basic equipment you need access to. If a tent blows over, or leaks then you’ve likely lost everything!
  • Time saving– This obviously depends on how you’re using your trailer but for example many market traders and retailers tell us they save time (sometimes several hours) on set up and breakdown by using a trailer.

So as you can see there are plenty of advantages to choosing a trailer and event trailer hire. Deciding you have a requirement for a trailer – That’s the easy part.

Now you have to consider exactly what type of trailer you need and choose a trailer that suits. The good news is you have plenty of options when it comes to choosing the right trailer which we will be covering in our blog in the coming weeks.

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