event trailer versus exhibition vehicle

Event Trailer Versus Exhibition Vehicle

Are you considering buying either an event trailer or an exhibition vehicle? Are you wondering what the difference is between the two and which would be the best one to go for? If so this article will help with your deliberations and decision making as we’re going to look at the pros and cons of each option to help.

And for transparency, Tow Master build both and we don’t have a preference either way. It’s always a customer choice as to which type you prefer.

So event trailer versus exhibition vehicle… let’s go.


Event Trailers

Events and shows are hard work for the whole team. An event trailer gives you a good mobile base from which to showcase your branding, host your event or roadshow and welcome customers to your stand.

Event trailers offer very similar benefits to a vehicle including protection from the weather, as well as safety and security. So that also means no more having to leave the stand for refreshments or to find meeting space elsewhere.

The same as for the event vehicle, you have privacy, everything you need is to hand and you are still free to focus on your customers in comfort.

The only difference really is that you need a separate towing vehicle for an event trailer and it needs to be fitted with a tow bar. At the end of the event the trailer needs hooking up to the towing vehicle and away you go.

Of course, if no one on your team is delivering the trailer and you hire the trailer or have the trailer delivered by a third party, then you don’t need to worry about any of that as it’s all taken care of for you.


Event vehicles offer very similar benefits to a trailer. They offer protection from the elements, are safe, secure and mean no more having to leave the stand for refreshments, or to find meeting space during the event. It can also provide complete privacy during the show.

Everything required for a successful show is immediately to hand and your precious time is spent focusing on customer requirements in comfort.

And of course the most obvious benefit is that your event vehicle is self-contained for delivery and at the end of the event you pack up and drive off once done. Simple!


Event Trailers

Event trailers come in a range of sizes. Tow Master manufacture event and bespoke trailers from 2.4-7 metres.

Event trailers can be towed by a suitable vehicle with a towing hitch attached, tachograph and any necessary licencing.

If you’re towing your own trailer then you will need to store the towing vehicle during the event, unless of course your trailer is being delivered and set up for you by someone else.

Having your vehicle free to use for the duration of the show is an obvious advantage but can delay being able to leave the show at the end as you need to wait for vehicle access to open.


Vehicles come in a range of sizes. The most popular sizes are 4 – 4.5 metre body sizes. Tow Master can build any of these sizes and can build both smaller and larger vehicle bodies if required.

They are manufactured so that the equivalent event trailer is built onto a vehicle chassis instead of a trailer chassis.

Visual Appeal

Event Trailers

Event trailers offer a self-contained space for shows and events. They’re practical and stylish for off-site locations. If graphics and branding are added to the exterior of the trailer they advertise your brands presence and easily draw customers in to your location.

Make your brand easy to find and stand out to your customers with a stylish, distinctive trailer. Trailers and vehicles can be vinyl wrapped internally and externally with graphics to convey your branding and brand image.


Well, let’s start with the obvious, vehicles are compact and self-contained. So everything you need for your show is to hand and you don’t need to worry about organising trailer transport or parking/storing a vehicle during the show. If no more than 3500kg Gross Vehicle Weight (GWV) no need for a tachograph or towing licence.

If you opt for wings, then once the vehicle is set up and the wings open, the cab is concealed which adds to the aesthetic appeal.

You have your choice of vehicle – a chassis cab or a floor/platform cab.

A chassis cab is a van cab with a minimal chassis attached. The chassis is set at a higher level than a van chassis to accommodate different types of bodies in particular ones that do not want wheel boxes. It’s higher up than an event trailer would be because of the raised chassis, but some customers prefer that and an elevated position offers plenty of visual and aesthetic benefits on a busy show ground.

A platform or floor cab is the van version of the chassis cab with a flatbed that extends over the chassis frame so it can accommodate a range of conversions. An aluminium chassis is usually constructed over this to provide the required length and width and altogether this allows for a much lower finished floor height with wheels in wheel boxes.

Branding makes a big visual impact. Make a bold branding statement with a vinyl wrap. Event trailers and event vehicles can be wrapped with graphics enhancing brand presence. These are visually appealing and entice customers to your event vehicle as well as offering advertising whilst on the road.

Drivers and Transportation

Event Trailers

If you passed your driving test you can now tow a trailer up to 3,500kg MAM. It is however advisable to take some towing lessons first to build confidence.

Although you will need to check the vehicle handbook to make sure it’s suitable for towing. You will need to find its gross train weight (GTW). GTW is the total allowable weight of vehicle, plus trailer and its load.

You can see the new towing rules here.


Who is going to be driving your vehicle to shows and events?

This is a really important thing to consider well in advance. Unless you work for a large company with a big transport division, or have the available budget to hire a driver, responsibility for taking the vehicle or trailer to events will potentially lie with you and or your team. Driving confidence differs and some drivers prefer driving vehicles to towing a trailer.

Previously driving licence restrictions around towing permissions put some people off, but those restrictions changed on 16th December 2021. Now anyone who passed their test after the 1st January 1997 can tow trailers up to 3,500kg MAM. Find out more here.

Production Time

Event Trailers

Event trailers are faster to produce than event vehicles purely because they aren’t dependent on the vehicle being ordered and delivered first. Exhibition trailer lead times are usually in the region of twelve weeks, with actual production times around a couple of weeks.


Since the chassis cab has to be ordered well in advance the lead time on vehicles are longer than for a trailer. This varies depending on the time of year and supplier availability but can be around 4-6 months from order to finished delivery.

Vehicles also have to go through an Individual Vehicle Approval (IVA) process which can delay the release of the vehicle.

At the moment there are long wait times for some vehicles, so you will need to be prepared for a long wait before production of your vehicle can begin.


Event Trailers

Event trailers vary considerably in price depending on the type of event trailer you’re looking for and the size and the specifications of it.

If you only attend a small number of shows each year the cheaper option is to hire your event trailer. Tow Master hire a fleet of event trailers in 3 – 6 metre sizes.


Buying an event vehicle includes the purchase of the chassis cab as well as the body being built onto the chassis, so naturally this is more expensive than buying an event trailer which is separate to the towing vehicle.

Do You Prefer An Event Trailer or Exhibition Vehicle?

Find More About Trailers or Event Vehicles

So after our run through of the benefits, technical considerations, visual appeal, production time, costs, plus driver and transportation considerations for both options, what do you think? Do you want to know more about either option?

If you want more inspiration take a look at our extensive gallery, which gives lots of vehicle and trailer photos.

If you have questions or you’re ready to look at a more specific quotation for what you need give our team a call on 01942 226633 or email: comments@towmasteruk.co.uk to discuss your requirements in more detail and we can put some ideas together for you.