Planning a Roadshow

Following great success with their InstallerOn-SITE roadshow, Installer have given us some insight into planning a roadshow and what they have learned from the experience to better prepare for their next roadshow.

The InstallerON-SITE roadshow was developed in association with Plumb Center. It was sponsored by leading manufacturers from the pipe, valve and fittings category (PVF) including JG Speedfit, Hep20, Gerberit, Polypipe and Pegler Yorkshire.

The 10 questions and answers below are designed to help anyone with a roadshow planned for the future. So if you need a few hints and tips to help with your planned roadshow read on.

  1. What would you describe as the best parts of your recent roadshow?

Getting face to face with installers, some with decades of experience and some just learning their trade.

  1. What were the worst parts?

We went out on the road from mid-September to mid-November, so by the end of October some of the early mornings were very cold! We had to be on site and be open by 07:30 so we caught the morning trade in the branches.

  1. Were there any funny parts?

Yes but most are not printable!

  1. How was your planned roadshow received by customers?

Some were surprised to see us. Some were really pleased to see us and once they realised we were there to provide valuable business insight, we had some really good conversations.

  1. What were the greatest benefits to your marketing team and your business of organising a planned roadshow?

Demonstrating our collective capability and commitment to designing, developing and delivering an interactive touring event.

Also direct interaction with installers helped us understand their view and needs more.

  1. So as part of the learning curve, were there any never again/never to be repeated parts when planning a roadshow in the future?

More communication with interested parties earlier in the planning process to ensure understanding of shared objectives and responsibilities for specific deliverables of the planned roadshow.

  1. With the benefit of hindsight, is there anything you would have done/planned differently and why?

Maybe gone out earlier in the year. Since the first roadshow ran later in the year we’re starting in June to avoid the dark, cold early mornings.

  1. Now you’re armed with the experience of the first stage, has your approach to the second stage been handled any differently to the first? If so, what will you be doing differently?

Working with a hotel booking agent to book hotels. Otherwise it will be more of the same for the planned roadshow.

  1. Based on your experience last year, what are the best pieces of advice you would give to someone planning a roadshow in the future?

Set clear objectives.

Scenario plan how you think you will achieve them.

Budget very carefully.

Make sure someone in the team has a handle on the detail.

If you are not towing yourselves make sure you get professional experienced support from someone like Tow Master, so transport and set-up runs seamlessly. This is an important area, when planning a roadshow, so shouldn’t be overlooked.

  1. You’ve attended Eco build. Do you prefer the official shows or the Installer on tour/roadshow more? Why?

We love event marketing, indoors or on the road, as organisers, exhibitors or visitors they are all important to us.

So if you have a roadshow planned for the future, hopefully the above planning a roadshow advice helps.  Tow Master can help any business with a roadshow planned in the future, with event trailer hire or purchase available across the UK.

We also build roadshow marketing vehicles, including exhibition vans, which are ideal for a planned roadshow, or roadshow planned in the future.

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