10 Best Trailers Ever Built

You’ve no doubt seen 10 of the best lists many times before, but we doubt you’ve seen many of these about 10 best trailers, so here it is, our top ten of the best bespoke event trailers we’ve ever manufactured. Is yours one of them?

7 metre merchandising trailers

Built for event venues across the UK, these striking merchandising trailers with distinctive graphics certainly stand out during busy events. They are easy to set up too, just lower the corner steadies, anchor the wings using the struts, raise the canopy and logo board and this trailer is ready to go!

Golf scoring trailer

We don’t just build complex trailers, sometimes a simple trailer works just as effectively, like this one built for a famous Scottish golf course. Used for golf scoring, this small, but perfectly formed trailer is ideal!

Public address trailer

Our public address trailers are popular and can be built single or double deck depending on customer requirements.

Bespoke event trailers

We’ve built a huge number of trailers with great attention to detail and a high quality finish. This immensely bespoke event trailer was built for a customer building and selling very high end products themselves, so they had a very specific list of requirements including the construction and finish of the furniture, lighting and various bespoke fixtures, including a TV mounted into the wall.

The quality of the finish, is testament to how hard the team worked to complete this to the customer’s satisfaction.

Outside broadcast trailer

This unusual looking trailer was designed for a customer who required a bespoke outside broadcast trailer. It extends from single deck to double deck via a clever hydraulic system. The vinyl wrap on it looks pretty cool too!

5.5 metre Oregon with double wings

We’ve not built many bespoke event trailers with double wings on them, so this one is pretty special. Check out that wing span!

It’s now owned by a leading anaerobic digestion and biogas industry supplier who snapped it up second hand and it looks just as stylish with their new vinyl wrap on it too.

5.5 metre Oregon with stage & ramp

This 5.5 metre Oregon event trailer with stage and ramp, really is stunning.

5.5 Metre Oregon with stage and pod

Built for an energy solutions provider, these bespoke event trailers maximise all available space with the inclusion of a slide out pod and a stage. The stylish, neutral internal colour scheme and layout ensures it looks modern and welcoming. The curved logo board and PVC skirts, finish the bespoke look off perfectly.

4.2 metre Oregon

This event trailer will be housing an anti-gravity treadmill. It includes all the usual features of the Oregon event trailers eg bi-fold doors, aluminium steps, wind out awning, pedestrian door etc. but also includes optional extras such as glazing in the bifold doors and a set of flag poles. Wrapped in black it’s distinctive and the clever use of stylish stand-alone graphics ensures it really stands out.

5.5 metre Oregon with slide out pod

Built so the front of the exhibition trailer can be configured into a number of different layouts, this trailer, built for a leading farm machinery supplier is extremely versatile.

The wings can be detached as well, so the event trailer can fit into a range of different spaces.

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