Public Address Trailers & Public Address Units

Looking in more detail at some of the bespoke trailers that can be manufactured, this week we’re focusing on public address trailers or PA trailers. Tow Master manufacture public address trailers in a range of different single and double deck styles. We’ve even manufactured a 16 camera outside broadcast trailer as well. PA trailers are very much designed and built to a customer’s bespoke requirements. You should consider the following key areas to make sure you get the style of trailer that works best for you:

 1. Size of trailer?

Do you have a specific size in mind? A public address trailer can be built to whatever size you require. Most popular sizes tend to be 4.2 metre and 4.8 metres in length.

2. Double or single deck?

This very much depends on where the PA trailers will be used and the types of event it will be used for. A double deck public address unit obviously gives the advantage of height and better visibility across a site or showground and some have windows in the roof for use at air shows. Do you require different public address trailers for different events, or do you need one PA trailer for all?

Often the answer to this question ultimately comes down to your preference or requirements and budget.

3. Number of windows

An obvious consideration is whether you need 360° visibility from the public address unit? We frequently build trailers with 360° visibility, but some customers only require 180° to 270° visibility, again it very much depends on what your public address unit will be used for.

The other consideration is whether you require a sun shade, or shades to improve visibility in sunlight and help reduce the heating effect of sun on glass.

4. Interior fit out

Consider what you need inside your public address trailer.

  • Is an empty shell sufficient?
  • Do you need a floor covering?
  • Do you need counters and if so in what configuration? Can this be fixed or do you need the option to reconfigure the space – depending on the event?
  • Do you need storage space? If you do, what type and how much?
  • Do you need any 240 v lights and/or sockets?

All these questions need considering to ensure you’re getting the right type of interior to meet your needs.

5. Optional extras?

Popular options for PA trailers and public address units include:

  • Spare wheel holder
  • Hitch lock
  • Wheel clamp
  • Datatag
  • Graphics

Other areas to consider include:

  • What about steps to make access to your public address unit easier?
  • Do you need a generator?
  • How about PVC skirting to make the public address unit look more attractive and hide unsightly wheels and struts?

Get In Touch

The more thought you give to all of this at the brief stage the better it will be when it comes to briefing a public address trailer manufacturer on exactly what style of PA trailers you require. It will also mean you get a quote that closely matches your needs. Don’t forget if you need advice on a public address trailer, we’re here to help or send any comments or requests for future blog subjects to