Find out about 3 different types of trailer.

So you need a trailer for a bespoke purpose, or you’re thinking about taking your brand on the road and going to meet customers directly, engaging with them?

Firstly, congratulations on taking a bold step. Whatever your need for a trailer is, whether for bespoke purposes, a one off event or marketing campaign, or for customer engagement and experiential marketing, meeting potential customers face to face, is a key way to build relationships with new customers, generating greater brand recognition and emotional engagement, with your customer base.

Indeed reflecting this trend, some of our customers have ambitious plans for the following year, for example one customer aimed to be at 25 shows with a target of 1,000 potential sales leads. Clearly for that particular customer, an exhibition trailer gives a powerful and direct way to reach those customers and positively influence the sales of the business by building new relationships.

Types of trailers

So what type of trailer suits your needs? Would you prefer exhibition trailers and motorised vehicles, or a bespoke unit? Well trailers split into 3 main categories, as follows:

1. Bespoke event trailers 

These types of bespoke event trailers can be built to customer’s particular requirements and should give the customer a bespoke trailer that fits their needs perfectly.

Bespoke event trailers are a serious investment, so it’s important to deal with an established manufacturer and trailer supplier, who can work with you collaboratively to design and build a trailer to your exact requirements, as well as the suppliers knowledge, technical expertise and experience of what will work for you.

Bespoke event trailers come in many guises and include any of the following bespoke event trailer types:

Ticket offices

Any bespoke event trailers built to a customer’s specific requirements

2. Exhibition trailers

3. Motorised vehicle

Sometimes you might have a preference for a motorised vehicle that suits your needs more. An exhibition unit is built directly onto a motorised vehicle and you will need to find a supplier who can manufacture and install a bespoke body straight onto a vehicle of your choice.

Most, if not all optional extras that are offered for bespoke or exhibition trailers are usually also available for the motorised vehicle.

One other thing to bear in mind, is that exhibition trailers can be hired out. So if you aren’t sure about buying yet, or want to try before you take the plunge and commit to buy, this is the perfect way to do so.

Don’t assume that trailer hire is expensive either. Get a quote before you decide. It’s often very competitively priced and in some cases is cheaper than hiring an awning or gazebo. When you weigh this up with the advantages of trailer use it’s worth giving this option serious consideration first.

So welcome to the world of trailers. Hopefully the above has given you some ideas about the type of trailer suits your needs. Whether you need bespoke event units, or exhibition trailers and motorised vehicles, we can build to your requirements. Now you know the options available happy choosing! We’ll be covering more about each trailer type and giving you some ideas in our next blogs, so watch this space for more.

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