top 10 best bespoke trailers

10 of the best trailers and vehicles 2022 – A bumper list

This has been a busy year for Tow Master, so we’ve put together a list of 10 of the best trailers and vehicles manufactured by Tow Master in 2022. It’s packed full of event trailers, bespoke trailers, mobile clinics, enclosed space trailers and of course the list wouldn’t be complete without a couple of exhibition vehicles. So grab a coffee and take a look at this bumper list of our top 10 bespoke trailers of the year to see if something on the list inspires you for your own mobile project.

1. 4.8 metre mobile meeting room 

This was a bespoke build and includes meeting rooms with a glass wall to the front and a clear divide to break the space up inside. This is ideal for mobile meeting rooms and offices with a view, or contactless visiting spaces etc

2. 3.6 metre public address trailers 

These two trailers were built for a company specialising in supplying public address systems to various UK events. They were manufactured so they could easily be sited together as a branded pair of trailers creating a great focal point for the customer.

3. 4 metre exhibition vehicle 

This event vehicle was manufactured with an empty interior and was fitted with plenty of electrical sockets and a storage cupboard to the rear for the customer to add their own internal items. A vinyl wrap was applied to the exterior for extra impact, making it easy for customers to identify from a distance away.

4. 4.2 metre bespoke exhibition trailer 

Dairy Master purchased a 4.2 metre exhibition trailer with large stage for their shows and events. It was vinyl wrapped to the exterior to make sure Dairy Master can’t be missed on a show ground.

5. 7 metre confined space trailer 

This specialist trailer was built for Reax and provides them with a large trailer manufactured for confined space training. It includes 30 metres of crawl space, cameras, an extending ladder and a smoke machine for realistic training scenarios.

6. 7 metre bespoke box trailer 

A 7 metre box trailer with empty interior was manufactured for Breathe Safety Group. The striking external wrap with bold graphics ensures it’s not easy to miss this trailer.

7. 6 metre axe throwing trailer 

There is a first for everything and that was certainly true of this bespoke build of an axe throwing trailer. We’ve never built anything like this trailer before, but as always our design and build team delivered exactly what the client asked for and whilst it looks a little unusual it works perfectly for all of their safety requirements.

8.  4.5metre exhibition and event vehicle 

Alcedo Care have made their 4.5 metre exhibition vehicle the focus of their events and roadshow activities in 2022 and it features as a meeting point in their extensive recruitment drive. The interior is fitted with seating and a glass fronted drinks fridge to create a welcoming and comfortable space.

9. 7 metre merchandising trailer 

Selling official merchandise is a big crowd puller when it’s done right and there’s no missing this 7 metre merchandising trailer with its bold external vinyl wrap and big product display area. This trailer is one of many we have built for a customer who frequently repeat orders.

10. 3 metre Nevada trailer 

And last but by no means least, is a 3 metre Nevada roadshow trailer we manufactured for Staffordshire Wildlife Trust. The bright vinyl wrap with its cute graphics on this trailer really catches the eye.

We hope you found this list inspiring and it has given you lots of ideas for your own project. Do you have a favourite from the selection? Ours is probably the axe throwing trailer because we don’t get to build many of those!

If you would like to know more about any of these projects or would like a quote for your own trailer or exhibition vehicle build let us know. Email or call our team on 01942 226633. You can also hire from our exhibition trailer fleet if you prefer, you can find more details here .