Custom Built Roadshow Trailer Built in the Last 12 Months

Each year we publish ten of the best trailers we’ve built. This year we focus on custom built roadshow trailers, custom built merchandising trailers and even bespoke exhibition vehicles that we’ve built over the last twelve months.

So here’s the latest list of some of the most impressive. We’ve kept it varied to try to give you a full taster of the range and quality of the units that we build.

We hope you enjoy browsing and hopefully it will give you some ideas of what you could do with your own trailer or bespoke exhibition vehicles if that’s your preference.

Don’t forget we hire custom built roadshow trailers too, so if you have a strict budget, this can be an ideal solution.

1. 7 Metre Turntable Step Frame

One of the biggest custom built roadshow trailers we built in 2015, was a 7 metre turntable trailer with stepped frame. Including sliding doors and large slide out pod, this unit gave the customer a spacious interior and plenty of seating.

Canopy side panels created an external day room and a set of 4, 6 metre flag poles finished off the exterior, ensuring the unit is as eye catching from afar, as it is up close.

2. Merchandising Trailer – 4.2 Metre – Race for Life

Added to an existing fleet of custom built merchandising trailers, this 4.2 metre merchandising trailer is one of the most eye catching custom built merchandising trailers we’ve built due to its distinctive, brightly coloured wrap and easily recognisable branding for Cancer Research UK – Race for Life.

We’ve built a range of custom built merchandising trailers in various sizes with various internal layout combinations.

Custom built merchandising trailers can be a worthwhile investment if you want to boost sales and brand awareness. Used at high street locations, music and sports events as well as shows and outdoor events across the UK, there are plenty of locations to choose from to grow your customer base.

3. Bespoke Shower Units

We provided 19 demountable shells for our customer in various sizes and they fitted the shells out with shower units plus a range of other fixtures and fittings. These units made their debut appearance at Glastonbury 2015.

4. Van Fit Out – Bespoke Exhibition Vehicles HSMC

When business needs dictated that HSMC expand, they had two options, a van or a trailer. Owning three trailers already, HSMC decided to add a motorised van conversion to their range to increase the flexibility of their offering and they approached Tow Master for a bespoke van conversion for their audiometry service, conducting hearing tests on site.

The bespoke van conversion’s now being used all over the UK, from Inverness to the south coast. Out on the road Monday to Friday most weeks it is used for hearing tests in workplaces with high noise eg food factories, military, Formula 1 teams, Battersea Dogs Home, etc.

It gives HSMC a high-quality workplace and company image when they visit client sites. It’s working perfectly, looks professional and HSMC are extremely pleased with it.

5. Oregon – 4.8 Metre – RAFA

From the distinctive wrap to its red upholstery this fleet of event trailers are welcoming and easy to spot. RAFA are regularly out around the UK with their fleet of roadshow trailers, fundraising and raising awareness. This new trailer was built for their South West branch.

6. Machine Display Unit

One of our more unusual requests and an unusual size of trailer, this unit was built for a customer who wanted a trailer to house one of their large display machines at outdoor events across the UK.

7. Sound Proofed Trailer – The Box that Rox!

One of our most distinctive trailers, the Box that Rox is a mobile karaoke lounge, yes you did read that correctly – a mobile karaoke lounge.

From its striking vinyl wrap to its sound proofed interior, with brushed stainless dimmer switches, everything about this trailer is finished to a high specification. Leaving us with just one question, is this the most fun to be had from a trailer?

8. 4.8 Metre – Single Deck Public Address Trailer

Our PA trailers continue to be popular, this is a single deck 4.8 metre trailer we built with 180 degree windows and window sun shade/canopy.

9. 4.8 Metre Colorado

We built a number of custom built roadshow trailers for numerous customers. There are three shown below all for use at various shows and events across the UK. All of the ones on our shortlist are a 4.8 metre Colorado.

10. 4.2 Metre Colorado – Motorised Vehicle

Our trailers look just as fabulous built onto a vehicle. These bespoke exhibition vehicles, deliver the exact same quality, functionality and impact of a mobile event trailer, so much so, it can be difficult to tell our event trailers from our bespoke exhibition vehicles.

This customer preferred an exhibition van for their roadshow and show requirements as they find them more manoeuvrable and prefer driving a van rather than towing.

This is also a good option for anyone who passed their driving test after 1997, as vehicles weighing up to 3500kg can be driven on a standard driving licence, without needing to add additional categories to their licence.

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This is just a taster of some of the custom built roadshow trailers and bespoke exhibition vehicles we have created in recent years.

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