Showcasing Exhibition Vehicles For Sale And Exhibition Vans.

At Tow Master we’ve been busy building plenty of exhibition vehicles for sale. Every van is different which keeps things interesting and ensures our expertise at building exhibition vans for customers is increasing all the time, which is good news for all of our customers.

Most of our standard exhibition trailers can be built onto a chassis cab of your choosing, whilst still delivering the same quality, functionality and impact of an event trailer. In fact, it’s often hard for us to spot the exhibition vans we build on showgrounds, especially the ones with wings which can hide the cab so well!

We’ve decided to put together a showcase of some of the best options for exhibition vehicles for sale. Hopefully you’ll find something to grab your interest or inspire you as you consider your options for your own exhibition vans.

Even if you can’t find what you’re looking for, get in touch anyway. Just because we haven’t built it yet, doesn’t mean we don’t have the expertise to do so and we do enjoy new challenges.

Here are some of our most recently manufactured exhibition vehicles for sale:
Bespoke exhibition vehicles

We’ve recently built to a detailed client specification for a hospice, this van conversion includes an extended, lowered chassis, a motorised pod to extend the interior space and a private meeting area. Now completed it will be a dual purpose vehicle which will double up as an exhibition van for events and a clinic when required, ensuring our customer gets maximum use and benefit from their investment.

Van fit out – With sound booth

Our customer required a sound booth fitting and an internal fit out of a transit van, to test hearing in the workplace environment. We did such a good job of the first one, that they returned to us to have a further two vans fitted with sound booths, air conditioning and on board power generation.

Motorised vehicle – Colorado 4.2 style

Colorado body onto a vehicle chassis.
Aside from an extra step tread to reach the inside of the van, there is little difference between the appearance of this van and the Colorado exhibition trailers that we build.

Exhibition/Panel Van – Converted into coffee shop

A panel van was converted into a mobile coffee shop for Loros Hospice to use. The interior was fitted out to a high quality and the vinyl lettering creates a strong brand identity.

Why are exhibition vans so popular?

Many customers prefer driving exhibition vehicles to avoid the need to tow. Vehicles are sometimes more manoeuvrable and can often be driven at the same speed as a car.
This can also be a viable solution for anyone who passed a driving test after 1997. If you passed your test after 1997, you need additional categories adding to your licence to tow a trailer. However, vehicles that weigh up to 3500kg can be driven on a standard driving licence without having to add additional categories, making an exhibition vehicle an appealing alternative.

Get In Touch

If you’re interested in an exhibition van or exhibition vehicles then get in touch on 01942 226633 and we can discuss your requirements in much more detail.

We can show you plenty of examples of exhibition vehicles for sale from Tow Master.

You’re also welcome to visit us to see our shop floor for yourself, where we can show you examples of the standard of our work and you can see our manufacturing process in action for yourself, giving you peace of mind and the reassurance that you’re in safe hands.