Business Support Mobile Trailer – Are you looking for Mobile trailer Solutions for Your Business?

Are you considering a business support mobile trailer? Given the huge range of different businesses operating today, it should come as no surprise that all these different industries have different business support mobile trailer needs.

Consequently, there are a huge range of mobile trailer solutions for business available. We look at these in detail below, so read on to find out more about:

  • What a business support trailer is.
  • What a business support trailer can do for your business and why you should consider one.
  • Take a look in more detail at the different types of support trailer available.
  • We even break them down into categories. So if you’re looking for a mobile recording studio, OB trailer or film production trailer, this will be useful.

Read on to find out more …

So, what is a business support mobile trailer?

Whatever industry your business operates in, it’s often necessary to take your business on the road as part of your standard product and service offering. This puts you in direct contact with your customer base, reminding customers about your brand, your products and the benefits your business offers them.

Many businesses take themselves mobile to boost revenues, to keep themselves at the forefront of a customer’s mind, to adapt to the rapidly changing retail market place or because of business strategy and demands. Effectively going where your customers are spending gives your sales figures a boost.

This can often take the form of a roadshow trailer, merchandising trailer and can also include fridge trailers.

However, the need to be mobile is especially important for service based companies who don’t necessarily have a physical product to sell such as those operating in the:

  • sound, film and video production sectors
  • those offering health and safety, or health care services
  • surveillance services
  • mobile medical units
  • occupational health care
  • enclosed space training.

Sometimes the nature of the service offered means an event support trailer is an essential part of running your business. A business support mobile trailer or event support trailer refers to any type of trailer that assists a business in running more efficiently. It also makes a business appear professional, organised and prepared in remote locations.

Mobile trailer solutions for business offer a temporary base for your business when you have to work on site, in a remote location, or where suitable facilities are not available on site within a physical building.

What are the Different Types of Mobile Trailer Solutions for Business?

There are a vast range of different types of mobile trailer solutions for business, in this blog article we’re looking at the more bespoke options including:

  • Mobile recording studio trailers
  • OB trailer (Outside broadcast trailers) and outside broadcast vehicles
  • Mobile filming / editing suites
  • Film production trailer
  • Editing trailers
  • Event support trailers
  • Command trailer
  • Drone Control Units
  • Mobile Sound rooms
  • Confined space trailers
  • Commentary boxes
  • Public address trailers / PA trailers

So let’s take a look at these different types of support trailers in more detail and show some examples.

Mobile Recording Studio Trailer and Mobile Sound Room

Do you need to record in different locations? A mobile recording studio or sound room is an ideal solution. Need a mobile karaoke booth to provide entertainment for your customers? No problem, we can manufacture that too.

This is a mobile recording studio we built for the Box that Rox. They wanted a mobile karaoke booth to take to events, festivals, weddings and parties. Now this mobile recording studio is home to a smoke machine, lasers, disco lights, microphones and impressive multiple soundproofing layers. Its vinyl wrap is easy to spot and makes a stunning addition to the outside of this mobile recording studio making it easy to spot when it is out on the road.

OB Trailer, Outside Broadcast Trailer and Outside Broadcast Vehicles

Not all venues have space for all the equipment required for broadcasting. One production company that specialises in multi camera solutions came up with the perfect innovative solution and commissioned Tow Master to manufacture a mobile outside broadcast trailer or OB trailer and solve that problem for them.

The result is an OB trailer that runs up to 16 cameras from a unique mobile facility. The OB trailer was branded with a distinctive vinyl wrap to ensure it’s easily identifiable when on site. The OB trailer is a key part of the services they offer, it’s striking and means they can edit in situ with all their equipment on hand inside the OB trailer, saving them set up time as well. The OB trailer is easy to move and relocate, which is an added bonus too.

With a bit of extra soundproofing, this type of OB trailer could work as effectively as a mobile recording studio.

Film Production Trailer

Mobility coupled with access to relevant equipment is a vital part of running a successful filming and recording studio. A film production trailer provides the perfect solution for a busy production team.

A London based film production company commissioned a film production trailer from Tow Master to enable them to film and edit on the go whilst out on location.

The inclusion of a lift up canopy on the end of the trailer, gives the customer even more flexibility and the option of an ideal vantage point for their team, plus plenty of natural light when required.

Event Support Trailer

General mobile trailer solutions for business can be built in a range of sizes and to fit most requirements. This is one such 6.4 metre support trailer with an empty interior and double doors to the front.

Drone Control Unit and Command Trailer Manufacturers

The use of drones and associated technology is becoming more commonplace in many industries [click here or here to find out more.]

There is also an increasing need for drone control units to have a mobile base so that drone fleets can be controlled from a comfortable weather proof location. Mobility coupled with access to relevant equipment is a vital part of running a successful drone control unit and a mobile trailer is the perfect solution.

This is a drone control unit built for a customer involved in the marine industry. The trailer offers great flexibility and includes a kitchen area, seating area, plenty of storage space and an office area with desks and seating. The inclusion of a protected outside area with removable panels provides additional outside space.

Confined Space Trailer

Confined space training is crucial for those working in enclosed environments such as vessels, chambers, tanks etc. The need for a suitable training environment including tunnel, labyrinth etc is therefore essential.

Built for a market leader in confined space training this trailer was designed with these needs in mind. The finished trailer has a frame on top with the ability to hoist people into and out of the confined space so that training scenarios are more realistic.

Commentary Boxes and Public Address Trailers / PA Trailers

Commentary boxes can be manufactured in a variety of sizes and as a single deck or a double deck.

Windows can be installed giving 360 degree views of the show ground, event or festival. For those involved in offering public address services these trailers are ideal for ensuring their service is mobile and responsive to their customer needs.

Tow Master have also manufactured golf scoring trailers. This is a 4.2 metre trailer manufactured for St Andrews.

What are the Benefits of a Business Support Mobile Trailer?

Whether it’s a mobile recording studio trailer that’s your area of interest, or perhaps you’re looking for a film production trailer or an OB trailer? Whatever type of trailer your business needs, a mobile support trailer offers a wide range of benefits which include the following:

They can go Pretty Much Anywhere.

No matter how isolated the filming or drone location, whether the middle of a field or a remote coastal location, a trailer can reach it. This means you can take your studio on the road with ease and edit in situ instead of having to stick with a static location, which can be restrictive.

If a van would suit your requirements more than a trailer we can manufacture those too.


A mobile trailer gives security for all your equipment in one location. Trailers are lockable and coupled with their mobility make an ideal base for your team when they need to be on the move.

Protection from the Elements

Whatever Mother Nature throws at you, a trailer provides protection and a controllable interior environment. If you need a dark interior eg for film editing, this is achievable with a trailer which doesn’t need windows. Flexibility however is key and the drone control unit that we built a number of months ago included an awning to give some outside space for the team as and when required as well.

A Comfortable Environment for Your Team Away From Fixed Office Locations.

A business support mobile trailer is an ideal solution. Setting your team up in a professional, well equipped and comfortable environment focuses them on the task in hand and ensures they have all the kit they need when out in more remote locations.

We’ve built a number of these types of outside remote filming units, film production trailers and OB trailers, such as the double deck unit built for One Box TV and more recently Pretzel Films.

What About the Interior of Your Business Support Mobile Trailer?

The type of trailer interior required depends on your requirements. Some customers request an empty trailer and plan their own fit out, or in the case of commentary trailers or golf scoring trailers opt for a simple arrangement of desk space and seating.

Other customers require a full fit out, such as the following drone control trailer. This included the installation of upholstered seating and storage space in a relaxation area, a kitchen and an office area complete with desk space and office chairs.

The mobile recording studio built for the Box that Rox had an empty interior, but the mobile recording studio interior was lined with sound proofed material ready for the customer to install their own equipment.

The OB trailer built for Pretzel Films had an empty interior and included an electric pack, flooring and two pedestrian doors. The rest of the OB trailer fit out was managed by the customer.

The film production trailer manufactured for One Box TV had an empty interior, with the inclusion of one collapsible shelf in the top section of the trailer. The rest of the OB trailer was fitted out by the customer to their own specifications.

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