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Every year we do a run-down of the best bespoke and exhibition trailers from the previous twelve months, so it’s time to do a quick summary of the best exhibition trailers for sale that we’ve built and sold in 2018. Below we showcase 10 of the best bespoke trailers for sale along with a range of our exhibition trailers for sale in 2018.

This guide also introduces lots of

  • Real life examples of event trailers for sale (ones we’ve built previously)
  • Variety – we’ve got everything from a three metre Nevada up to a large seven metre event trailer
  • There’s even a couple of very special bespoke trailers for sale in the list as well

So if you want lots of inspiration for your own event trailer project and you’re looking for event trailers for sale you’ll love this guide.

Let’s dive right in …

1:     7 Metre Merchandising Trailer

Merchandising trailers are growing in popularity. Here are two 7 metre trailers built for two different customers both looking to sell merchandise at various shows, exhibitions and sporting events. At 7 metres long with large display wings on both ends and a side logo board, these trailers are hard to miss once they’re set up and ready to trade. Fitted out internally with lights, storage, display areas and slat walling the interiors are versatile and it’s easy to display a wide range of stock in an attractive manner.

2:     4.4 Metre Motorised Merchandising Vehicle

Some of our customers choose a motorised vehicle for a variety of reasons including the suitability of their driving licence. This was a 4.4 metre B2B cab with an Al-ko lowered chassis onto which we built a merchandising unit. Easy to move around and set up for trading, this is a great example of how we can manufacture most of our towable bodies as motorised vehicles to suit. Now they can take their merchandise to wherever they like and to any sporting events across the UK.

3:     7 Metre Drone Control Trailer

Bespoke trailers are required in a range of different industries and for a range of different purposes. This was a 7 metre drone control trailer that was manufactured for a company specialising in the marine and shipping industry. It houses separate kitchen, relaxation and working areas.

4:     7 Metre Enclosed Space Trailer

Enclosed space training is a specialist area. That means those training providers offering this type of training need a specialist trailer or vehicle to meet the needs of the course. This trailer was manufactured to meet City and Guilds training requirements which include a set amount of crawl space and over three metres of drop space.

5:     4.2 Metre Bespoke Trailer

You know straight away that this bespoke trailer is different and it certainly stands out when a trailer has an extra tier wrapped in a canvas cover. The extra tier is deceptive though. It’s controlled by an app on a mobile phone and the material is lightweight and designed to allow light through. It comes to life in the dark with clever placement of internal lighting to make the space glow, which creates a lovely, dramatic effect, this is further complimented by three hinge out platforms with lift up canopies above. In case you hadn’t guessed already, it was manufactured for a theatre group.

As bespoke trailers for sale go, this one is distinctive, stylish and we reckon it’s one of a kind.

Exhibition Trailers For Sale In 2018

6:     7 Metre Exhibition Trailer

This striking and distinctive exhibition trailer for sale is dominated by red, the main branding colour of its new owner. This was a top of the range trailer, complete with bespoke kitchen island and serve over counter, red seating and a bold attention grabbing stage area.

7:     5.5 Metre Colorado

With its wrap around seating, bespoke oak effect kitchen and nose cone, this is a striking 5.5 metre Colorado event trailer for sale. The wings are angled to create a welcoming effect so that it takes up less floor space.

8:     3 Metre Nevada

Smaller event trailers for sale with the same range of options as the larger trailers, can be just as stunning as the larger ones and this Sea Cadets trailer is no exception. This trailer is eye catching. The stunning vinyl wrap is hard to miss. It houses seating and storage, so everything the customer needs when out on the road.

9:     4.8 Metre California Trailer

With its pod to extend the interior space this is a distinctive 4.8 metre California trailer. The sliding doors close off the interior space when the weather is inclement. Plenty of seating and a full kitchen area provides a comfortable entertaining space with lots of room.

10:     4.2 Metre Colorado

Smaller trailers can be just as practical and stylish as larger trailers. This 4.2 metre Colorado is just that. It’s fitted internally with leather effect seating, corner storage and plenty of cupboard space.

So that’s our list of the best bespoke trailers and exhibition trailers for sale in 2018. Do you have a favourite from the 10? We hope you enjoy browsing the list for inspiration and to see what we can do. You can see the best ten trailers from another previous year by clicking here

You can also visit our main blog page to read more about all of our bespoke trailers for sale.

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