In this post you’re going to learn about confined space trailers and discover how Tow Master can help you with your own enclosed space trailer project.

This guide also showcases lots of

  • Real life examples
  • Details – you can see the enclosed space trailers we’ve built in detail including empty shell, guard rails from the top of the trailer, entry hatch etc

So if you want lots of inspiration for your own enclosed space trailer you’ll love this guide.

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What is a confined space trailer?

As the name suggests, a confined space trailer enables training to take place in tight, enclosed and challenging spaces and conditions. The internal environment of a confined space rescue trailer can be configured to suit your training needs. This can include crawl space and tunnel labyrinth that can be arranged however you like.

With the addition of equipment such as smoke generators and additional hatches this can replicate very realistic and complex rescue scenarios across a range of industries.

Tow Master have supplied a number of confined space trailers for sale with an interior that can be designed to meet your specific confined space rescue needs. The trailers are quick and easy to set up, keeping downtime to a minimum.

What do you use an enclosed space trailer for?

A confined space trailer provides a training space for your customers and their workers when they need on-site or off-site training. The option of on-site training reduces staff downtime and therefore costs as the self-contained unit can be moved to the relevant site.

The flexibility of the interior means the trailer can be configured to whichever scenario is most relevant to the company requiring the training and their industry.

Confined space rescue equipment can be added into the trailer to make it totally bespoke to your individual training needs.

Different types of enclosed space trailer

We’ve previously manufactured 7 metre enclosed space trailers in a number of different configurations. We can work with you to design whatever you need in terms of your design and fit out.

What type of internal fit out can I have?

Previous confined space rescue trailers have been designed with City and Guild specifications in mind and have included over 35 metres of enclosed tunnel labyrinth, a 3 metre vertical entry point and a guard railed deck with top opening hatch. Spaces for power and smoke generators can be included to allow for training in locations without a readily accessible power supply.

Confined space rescue equipment can be added into the trailer either during or after the manufacturing process is complete.

How Tow Master can help you

Whatever stage you are at in your purchasing journey, our team are happy to discuss your requirements with you in more detail and run through options with you.

If you are still researching, our blog is full of useful advice

If you would like to see the types of confined space trailers for sale we have manufactured previously you can take a look at our gallery.

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