10 Reasons to Hire Event Trailers

Chances are if you’ve been to shows or events recently you’ll have noticed that there are an increasing number of event trailers around. Easy to site and set up, hospitality units are increasingly popular, but did you know you can hire these units?

Here are 10 reasons why you might consider hiring event trailers if you haven’t done so already.

1. It’s cheaper than you think

Amazingly we’ve heard, ‘but isn’t it expensive?’ a lot and when we quote, prospects are often pleasantly surprised. Hospitality units are frequently are cheaper to hire than a marquee and quicker to set up too.

The 3 metre Nevada event exhibition trailers start at £181 and the 5.5 metre Oregon at £570 for 2 days hire (excluding transport, set up, VAT and insurance.)

Tow Master’s Nevada and Oregon event exhibition trailers are fully furnished with seating, tables, power points and lighting. The 5.5 metre Oregon hospitality units include a wall mounted monitor and DVD player as well as a galley with sink and fridge.

2. Quick set up

From ten minutes setting up a small trailer, to an hour setting up the 5.5 metre Oregon with pod, stage and ramp, it’s easy to see why event trailers are so quick and easy to prepare for an event.

3. Trial runs

It can be daunting to start out buying your own trailer before you know if it works for you.  If you like the idea of event trailers, but want to see how you get on first, before committing to purchase your own, hiring one is a good starting point.

4. Overlapping events

If you attend a number of shows across the UK and they overlap date wise, this hire option can be very appealing.

5. Different plot sizes

If you have different sized plots booked, or want to make a real impression at a particular show, the range of different sized event exhibition trailers available can be particularly relevant, giving plenty of options.

6. Protection from the elements

Event trailers are more wind resistant. Anyone remember the challenges posed by bad weather at Plantworks and Cereals 2013? Wind and rain badly affected certain days at those events.  It certainly dampened spirits for those who didn’t have suitable protection for themselves, their equipment or their marketing materials.

7. Kitchens are available in many

Events are often tiring, thirsty work. It can be difficult at busy events to leave the stand and go in search of refreshments. Hospitality units make catering requirements more manageable for your team which eases this, ensuring happy staff and consequently happy stand visitors.

8. Power supply

All Tow Master hospitality units for hire include a 240v power supply. So if you want to hire a TV or charge a phone, tablet or laptop whilst on site you can do.

9. Comfortable seating

When it’s a long show, comfort makes a big difference to both staff and customers. Networking is vitally important to make a show a success and on board seating means you can take the weight off and talk to prospects and customers in relative comfort.

10. Easily branded

Graphics panels can be easily added to give your brand presence and with the flag pole options, event trailers create a distinctive, easily identifiable location on a show ground for customers to find.

So there you have it, 10 reasons to hire event exhibition trailers. If you enjoyed this article, you may also enjoy reading our other blog posts.

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