How do I hire an event trailer? Discover everything you need to know about hiring an exhibition trailer

If you’re reading this post, chances are you’re thinking about hiring an exhibition trailer for specific marketing activities. Perhaps you’re planning to exhibit at public or trade shows, local fairs, you have various promotional roadshows planned, or you’re arranging a one off event to promote a specific product and need something robust and easy to transport? Whatever your requirements we’ve written this post to help you understand how exhibition trailer hire works.

Firstly event trailers for roadshows get hired for many reasons:

  • Looking more professional
  • You don’t fancy huddling under a marquee or awning if the weather turns
  • A bad experience at an event that you don’t wish to repeat
  • Your products/equipment needs to be displayed in a suitable dry, protected environment
  • Your team need somewhere warm and dry to talk to customers (creates a good first impression)
  • Everyone near you has one and you’ve got trailer envy (don’t worry it happens to the best of us!)
  • The on board facilities make the event more pleasant for both staff and customers
  • You’re test running a trailer with a view to buying, but want to see how you get on first

Types of trailers

Hire trailers come in a range of sizes from 3 metres up to 7 metres. There are various ways of extending the width with slide out pods on some and stages available for many.

All Tow Master hire trailers are under 18 months old, so hiring from us gives you a very modern, well built, high quality, attractive looking trailer.

Tow Master hire trailers come with a range of optional extras, depending on the specific trailer this can include:

Aluminium clip on ramp


Flag poles

From our 4.2 Metre Oregon trailers upwards sinks, fridges seating and coffee tables are included on all models.

So how do I hire an event trailer or exhibition trailer?

Trailers can be hired on short, or long term hire. Our minimum exhibition trailer hire duration is 2 days.

*It can be more cost effective to hire event trailers for roadshows on long term hire, rather than hiring for individual shows, as demonstrated by Sartorius Intec who hired an event trailer for a month.

Hiring an exhibition trailer is very simple. All you need to do is:

  • Take a look at our hire trailers let us know which hire trailer(s) you are interested in.
  • Provide us with the dates of your event, or period you wish to hire for.
  • Let us know whether you wish to self-tow, or would like us to take care of that for you. If you need us to deliver and set up for you, make sure you have postcodes for your event or show, that way our quote is more accurate.
  • Any optional extras you might be interested in

You will then receive a quote for your consideration. If you wish to go ahead, we only require a deposit to confirm your booking.

In terms of hand over, this is also straightforward.

If we are setting up for you:

  • We deliver the hire trailer to site, then set it up for you on the relevant plot/site
  • You can meet us there if you like, but it’s not essential

If you’re collecting:

  • On arrival at our office all paperwork is ready and waiting for handover
  • We will help you hook it up to your towing vehicle and provide a set up demonstration if necessary
  • You return it to us on the agreed date when you have finished with it or your hire agreement ends


What do you do about graphics, when you’re effectively hiring a white box? Trailer wraps are a long term investment and costly to install and remove for a short period of time.

Well, the simple cost effective solution that many of our hire customers use is to purchase foamex boards with their own graphics applied. These foamex boards can be slotted into guides on the wings and logo board, creating a professional look and feel. They can be removed after the event and re-used as many times as you like.

Towing and Insurance

With the right towing vehicle, suitable driver, tachograph/operators license where necessary and appropriate insurance you can tow the trailer yourself.

So there you have it, everything you need to know about hiring an exhibition trailer for an event, promotion, roadshow, public or trade show or local fair. If you would prefer to buy event trailers for roadshows, we can provide advice and manufacture an event trailer to your exact requirements too.

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