Exhibition Trailer Servicing and Maintenance

1. Annual Exhibition Trailer servicing

  • We recommend that as a minimum servicing exhibition trailers is carried out annually
  • Running gear needs to be checked and serviced on a regular basis eg wheels and tyres, coupling, brakes, etc

2. As well as servicing exhibition trailers annually you also need to maintain: 

  • Valid electrical certificates in respect of any 240 volt installations
  • PAT testing for any on board electrical appliances
  • Gas tests for any on board gas equipment

3. For insurance purposes, we also advise regular inspection of:

  • Chassis
  • Steps
  • Handrails
  • Clips, fasteners, bolts etc
  • Water systems
  • Generators
  • Heating
  • Air conditioning
  • Fire extinguishers etc

4. Regularly walk around your trailer and conduct a visual inspection, checking the following:

  • Is there any visible damage that needs repair?
  • Are your struts, canopy, wings etc in full working order?
  • Are your tyres correctly inflated?
  • Are your wheel nuts torqued?


5. Maintenance you can carry out yourself to help prolong life of parts:

  • Apply grease to the necessary areas of the running gear
  • Spray WD40 or White Grease into locks to keep them corrosion free and operating correctly.
  • Clean bodywork and roof regularly

Tow Master can undertake exhibition trailer servicing, repair and maintenance. August onwards is an ideal time of year to contact us and book your trailer in for this exhibition trailer servicing and repair work to be undertaken. As well as servicing exhibition trailers, we can also refurbish units.

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