Advice on Packing Your Exhibition Trailer Away for Winter

Packing away your exhibition trailer

It’s that time of year where you may be getting ready to pack your exhibition trailer away until next year, but before you do so, here’s a five point checklist of things to bear in mind:

1. Walk around your trailer and conduct a visual inspection – check the following:

    • Is there any visible damage that needs repair?
    • Is your trailer ready for a service?
    • Are your tyres correctly inflated?
    • Are all windows closed and secure?
    • Are and locks and catches fastened?
    • Wind down your corner steadies, chock your wheels and release the parking brake to avoid the damp conditions causing your brakes to lock on.
    • Apply grease to the necessary areas of the running gear and spray WD40 or white grease into locks to keep them corrosion free and operating correctly.

Tow Master can undertake servicing and repair of your trailer and this is an ideal time of year to contact us and book your trailer in for this servicing and repair work to be undertaken.

2. Give it a clean before packing your exhibition trailer away

    • Clean fridges and leave the fridge door open to prevent or minimize mould.
    • Empty out water from under sink storage containers and drain off any water in pipes.
    • Remove any food stuffs or drinks
    • Remove any sales literature to avoid it being spoiled if your trailer is stored where damp could cause problems.
    • Leave a few caravan style “moisture traps” inside your trailer to absorb any excess moisture in the air. These can be purchased for a few pounds each and will make a difference to the look and smell of your trailer when you take it out in the new year.
    • If your trailer is stored outside, clean the exterior of the trailer and cover with a “caravan type” breathable cover to help keep the worst of the winter grime off your trailer

3. Graphics

If you have graphic panelsbefore packing your exhibition trailer away check them:

  • For damage
  • Do they need updating or replacing?

If you have an exterior vinyl wrap – does it need updating?

It is better to start thinking about graphics now when you have plenty of time to arrange artwork, production and fitting rather than a few days before your first show of the new year.

  1. Refurbishments and upgrades – Trailers can have a lifespan of 20 years plus in some cases. If you’re considering a refurbishment and upgrade, this is the time to contact suppliers to discuss designs, get plans drawn up and gather quotations for the refurbishment and upgrade work.
  1. Depending on where you’re storing your trailer – Ensure that as you pack your exhibition trailer away, you schedule in regular checks to make sure it’s safe and secure over winter. This is also a good way to ensure the trailer gets regular ventilation too.

So there you have it, our 5 pointers for packing away your event trailer over the winter months. Following the above will ensure that with another clean and a re-stock, you will have a well maintained trailer that’s ready to go next year at the start of your event season.

Don’t forget we offer servicing and repair should you require it. All servicing and repair work is undertaken at our Wigan manufacturing facility. If you enjoyed the article, you may also enjoy reading our other blog posts.

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