Mobile Ticket Offices and Mobile Ticket Units

Looking in more detail at each type of bespoke trailer that can be manufactured, this week we’re focusing on mobile ticket offices.

Tow Master have built a range of different styles of mobile ticket units, everything from a standard 5.5 metre Oregon style ticket office to a 12 metre mobile ticket office complete with on board sleeping compartments and bathroom.

A mobile ticket office can be designed to whatever your specific bespoke requirements are. You should consider, the following key areas to make sure you get the style of trailer that works best for you:

  1. Where will the ticket office be sited?
    1. Will it need to be sited in different locations?
    2. What is access like for these locations?
    3. Will size of mobile ticket unit be an issue for some of those locations?

These are all major considerations, as taking all of this into account obviously impacts on the size of trailer that you will require.

Tow Master can build trailers from 2 metres up to 7 metres which can be custom fitted to your exact requirements, so considering the above will help narrow down the size you require fairly quickly.

  1. Anticipated levels of customer demand

Tracking previous sales figures will give an indication of ticket sales over the season and during periods of peak demand. The following factors should be considered:

  1. What volume of ticket sales are you looking to achieve?
  2. Will demand for tickets vary greatly depending on time of day?
  3. How many staff will you need to be serving during periods of high demand?

These factors will also impact on the size of mobile ticket units required. A larger trailer can accommodate more staff, ensuring increased levels of ticket sales and greater turnover. It also gives more options during periods of high demand to open up more serving counters.

Alternatively a fleet of mobile ticket units might be more flexible. They can be moved between sites, set up in different locations and more of the fleet can be brought into use depending on levels of demand. We’ve recently built a fleet of 6 mobile ticket offices for one of our customers, giving even more options during busy times.

  1. Do you need the mobile ticket unit to be versatile?

For example, the Wakefield Wildcats trailer was designed to be versatile with interior serving areas for when the trailer needs to be open and a serve over counter, for when the trailer needs to be kept private.

This is easier to accommodate when the trailer is being built, rather than retro fitting later and keeps the interior flexible depending on event requirements.

  1. Style of mobile ticket office?

This will very much depend on where you intend to use the trailer and what type of event it will be used at, but factors to consider include the following:

    1. Will you require certain areas of the interior sectioning or screening off, or is an open interior acceptable?
  1. Do you need security screens including for added staff protection and security?
  1. What type of serving area do you require?

For example do you have a preference for a closeable serving hatch?

Or are you happy with a totally open serving area?

  1. Do you require steps? Some mobile ticket units include steps others are built without steps as they are not required and would obstruct access to the serving areas.
  1. What about optional extras?

For example do you require a clip on platform or stage? What about a generator, flag poles, or a TV?

The more thought you give to all of this at the brief stage the better it will be when it comes to briefing a manufacturer on exactly what you require. It will also mean you get a quote that closely matches your precise needs.

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