Roadshow Trailers

Roadshow Trailers

Roadshow Trailers For Sale in a Range of Models and Sizes

A roadshow trailer can provide a great way to get your company or product directly in front of your potential customers. Whether you’re looking to grow brand awareness, promote a new product, or boost sales revenue and generate more sales, roadshow trailers are a sound investment.

A Tow Master roadshow trailer fulfils a variety of uses and can be set up in any weather conditions. Robust, secure, easy to set up and pack away, they can be fitted out to your specific requirements.

Our range of roadshow trailers for sale include the following models:

Nevada – Compact but full of impact, the Nevada is lightweight and easy to manoeuvre. Ideal in smaller spaces and for first time towing, this event trailer provides a great focal point.

Colorado – As a mid-range event trailer, this style includes open frontage and a lift up canopy. It’s a popular style amongst many of our customers.

Oregon – If protection from the elements and a kitchen area is high on your priority list and you have a bigger budget, then the Oregon is an ideal choice. With its striking bi-fold doors and the option of a pod (to increase interior space) it makes a distinctive and comfortable focal point for any roadshow.

California – If you prefer sliding doors rather than bi-folds and plenty of external shelter, then the California with its full length canopy is ideal. This distinctive trailer looks superb and is modern and spacious.

Our range can be hired or purchased depending on your preference. Whichever option you select, our entire range of trailers offer excellent value for money. We work with our customers collaboratively, ensuring that the final design that gets signed off for production fits your needs perfectly. You can view our extensive gallery of roadshow trailers for sale by clicking here.

Our roadshow hire trailers gallery can be found here.

To discuss your requirements in more detail you can email us, or call us on 01942 226633.