Roadshow Trailer Hire

Roadshow Trailer Hire

Roadshow trailer hire – find out about hiring roadshow trailers for your next event

Roadshow trailer hire is a cost effective option for promotions, merchandising, event and roadshow requirements. As temporary solutions to promote your products and services go, the option of hiring roadshow trailers is compelling.

Whether hired as a short or long term solution, roadshow trailer hire is cost effective. A roadshow trailer fulfils a variety of uses and can be set up in any weather conditions. So hiring roadshow trailers provides plenty of protection from the temperamental UK weather.

Robust, adaptable, secure and easily manoeuvrable there are plenty of reasons to consider roadshow trailers for hire as an option.

Trailers can be hired for a range of events

  • Roadshows
  • Events & exhibitions
  • Shows & county fairs
  • Customer entertainment


And a range of reasons including:

  • Product promotion
  • Product launches
  • Experiential marketing
  • Retail, merchandising & product sales
  • Branding and awareness campaigns
  • Customer / distributor support
  • Research
  • Public & planning consultations
  • Ticket sales & information points
  • Charity – awareness & fundraising
  • Recruitment
  • College/university enrolment
  • Health promotions
  • Town centre promotions


Tow Master provide a range of roadshow trailer hire units in a range of sizes from 3-6 metres. Four different types of trailer can be hired including:

  1. Nevada – Small and compact the Nevada is ideal for small, or limited size spaces.
  2. Colorado – Open fronted with a canopy for protection, the Colorado is one of our most popular hire trailers.
  3. Oregon – The larger sizes, kitchens and bi-fold doors set these trailers apart. The top of the range trailers include Pod’s to extend the interior spaces and all the Oregon’s can be set up with a stage to increase the available space even further.
  4. California – New to the fleet, this striking trailer includes a large POD, plenty of seating, a kitchen with optional screen for those who don’t want an open plan look and stunning sliding doors.

You can see the full roadshow trailers for hire fleet by clicking here

For further details on hiring roadshow trailers, or to discuss your requirements in more detail give our hire team a call on 01942 226633 or drop us an email.