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10 Years of Manufacturing Success

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10 Years of Manufacturing Success

Despite recent reports on a lack of manufacturing success in the UK, certain suppliers continue to buck this trend. One such supplier, based in Wigan, but distributing around the UK and even into Europe is Tow Master.

Steve McIlhagga, Managing Director explains, “Set up with a strong focus on building high quality trailers, we continue to set our own very high standards for the manufacture of our trailers. This approach has been very effective in terms of gaining us a loyal client base. A large percentage of our clients will recommend us to other business contacts.”

Steve explains, “This is partly down to our competitive pricing, but also our strong focus on quality and customer service. I also put it down to the fact that we listen to our customers then deliver a product that meets their requirements. We’re also very knowledgeable about trailers in general and customers place value on our expertise and understanding of all things trailer related.”

Tow Master has recently refocused on our strategic core strengths, building, selling and hiring exhibition trailers, with a shift away from standard and catering trailers. Steve continues, “Now we have a new web site and have launched onto social media in late 2013, we’re really able to focus on what we do best in 2014 and remain optimistic about the opportunities available in 2014.”

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