Exhibition Vehicles

Exhibition Vehicles

Exhibition Vehicles, Exhibition Vans & Motorised Units

The request for exhibition vehicles, exhibition vans & motorised units has become more common in recent years. If you have a requirement, or a preference to have an event van manufactured and need your unit built directly onto a suitable chassis of your choice, Tow Master can help.

We’ve already designed, manufactured & installed a wide range of exhibition vehicles. Most of our standard exhibition trailers can be built as exhibition vans, with most, if not all, optional extras available. Inspiration & ideas for the manufacture of exhibition vans can be found in our gallery, by clicking here.

Our motorised units deliver the exact same quality, functionality & impact of a mobile event trailer, so much so, it can be difficult to tell our event trailers from our exhibition vehicles.

Some customers prefer an exhibition van for their roadshow & show requirements as they find them more manoeuvrable & prefer driving a van rather than towing.

This is also a good option for anyone who passed their driving test after 1997 as vehicles weighing up to 3500kg can be driven on a standard driving licence, without the need to add additional categories.

So whatever specialised vehicle or roadshow van you need building, call us today on 01942 226633  & we can design & build motorised units to your specific requirements.